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Transitional Accommodation and Support Service (TASS)

The TASS program has 4 houses which it can allocate to a released prisoner for up to 6 months.

We commenced providing this program in 2009. We allocate one support worker as the designated TASS officer with another trained to assist in the role.

Since commencement we have housed over 20 clients. We have an agreement with the St. Vincent De Paul society where they provide basic furniture and bedding for new TASS clients. We supply basic cleaning materials a washing machine and a fridge. We also give clients a welcome pack with food and goods to get them started.

We provide ongoing support assistance to help clients manage their tenancy and other services.

An example of feedback received from a client highlights the level of support provided:

“The quality of service was very good as the accommodation was cheap and the support was excellent.  The staff help me with everything I needed to help me adjust back into society.  The support gave me the motivation to get things done and be on the right track.  Without this service, I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

PIVOT owns a house of its own which we use as a supplement to the TASS program, in this house we place tenants that are finding it difficult to transition from TASS to mainstream.

Recognising that stable accommodation is a growing need for ex-offenders in the region we have recently entered into an agreement with the Southern Aboriginal Corporation which will allow us to apply on behalf of indigenous offender to access its housing.

Housing Authority and Community Housing

We assist prisoners in applying for public housing.

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