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Pivot Support Services  was established in 2005 as Regional Counselling and Mentoring Services, specifically to work with the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) in the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners and released offenders. Originally we worked out of a small office above a pizza shop, then moved to a residential house and for the last two years have operated out of a commercial premise at 121 Aberdeen Street, Albany.

Initially we delivered the re-entry link program and soon after the early version of the Transitional Accommodation and Support Service (TASS). In 2006 we established at our initiative the first visits centre (then staffed by volunteers). Since that time the visits model has been replicated across the State.

In 2009 we commenced the delivery of the Pathways program in Albany Regional Prison, we have delivered it effectively ever since. We also deliver a range of voluntary programs in the prison and the community. These programs were developed by RCMS and were used as a model for the development of the current DCS programs.

Since our establishment we have been the predominate provider of R&R services in the Great Southern region.

The Great Southern is unique in the regional corrective services context. It is the only region with a maximum security prison and the only one with three facilities, namely Albany Regional Prison (ARP), Pardelup Prison Farm (PPF) and the Walpole Work Camp (WWC). The current prison population is 525 which makes it significantly the largest regional prison population in the state.

Over the last six years we have seen a total of over 4,500 offenders prior to release through our re-entry link program, we are currently providing services to 180 released clients in the Region.


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