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About this program

Around 50% of the prison population in the Great Southern is Aboriginal. This program will be delivered to a number of male Aboriginal prisoners who will reside in the Great Southern on release.

It will be predominately run by Aboriginal workers supported by the Regional Counselling and Mentoring Service which will also provide clinical support.

The program is based on a client centred case management model which concentrates on building a relationship with not only the prisoner but also his family and peers on the outside.

The intent is to build the capacity of the individual to have a positive and constructive attitude on release, there will be intensive and side by side support to assist the prisoner’s reintegration both with the client and his family and peers.

There is commitment to a holistic approach to service with an absolute acceptance to follow through and provide ongoing support. For too long the approach has been patchy and ad hoc.

Program Outcomes

The outcomes specific to the participant are:

  • Re-engage his thinking to the challenges on release and develop mental strategies to cope with those challenges
  • Reduce the incidence of recidivism
  • Understand the challenges he will face when moved from the structured environment of a prison to the unstructured environment of the general community
  • A self-awareness of his own strengths and weaknesses and personal barriers to success
  • A structured release plan based on the prisoners specific needs
  • An awareness of his family and peers of the challenges he will face and practical tools to enable them to support him

Program Content

The program will be delivered within the prison for approximately 20 sessions over a six month period, there will be a twelve month support period once released. Across both phases the program will have the following content:

  • A focus on building a positive and close relationship with the client
  • Productive learning activities to keep the client engaged
  • Involvement of families and peers to develop skills and positive responses in dealing with a released prisoner
  • Development of a resource kit to assist in guiding the released prisoner including what to do in a crisis
  • Delivery of services one on one and in group sessions
  • Development of employment pathways to guide the prisoner into meaningful employment
  • A housing strategy to ensure the prisoner has access to a suitable housing solution
  • Substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, parenting and domestic violence programs
  • Access to care packages which includes food, clothing, toiletries and other essential items
  • Assistance in access to sporting and creative outlets
  • Assistance with finance management
  • Parenting skills

Service Level Outcomes

The programs are designed to work with clients to change behaviour which will have the following service level outcomes:

  • Offenders have effective transitional planning and support services for successful reintegration into the community
  • Offenders have increased motivation to establish and maintain pro-social lifestyles
  • Offenders have increased access to meaningful and stable engagement in employment, education, training or other vocational activities in the community
  • Offenders experience improved family relationships and personal networks
  • Offenders experience support and opportunities to reconnect to their communities and culture

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